This is how food looks in reality

We show them as they are. We Promise!

Intuitive Menu

You will never again lose track with your menu. Most intuitive dynamic filters help you find your way through the menu with ease.

Authentic Photos

See what's going to come to your table before you order. Every photo is taken in the restaurant. No fake photos. We promise!

Perfect Recommendations

Get relevant and personalised recommendations. Be it a dish or an offer. No more annoying ads. Only moments of discovery!

Decide from Anywhere

View your menu and decide what to eat sitting at home, office or even when waiting for a table. Place the order instantly without wasting time.

Menu Card for Everyone

Every person seated can use their own phones to view the menu and place orders on the same bill. Know more and discuss more.

Direct order to Kitchen

Place your orders directly to the kitchen. Waiters won't be running around. Interact more with waiters and choose with confidence.

Easy Bill Sharing

Order from multiple phones and share your bills with ease. We do the sharing calculation and all you have to do is, trust us!

Pay with Ease

Cash payment or online payment, you can do that in style. Just ask for the bill with a click or pay online and get ready to leave.

Restaurants? We really know what you need.

Trageted Reach

Get into the hearts of customers with our targeted marketing and food recommendation systems. Reach the right audience with the right content.

Amazing Customer Experience

With the dining process becoming more enjoyable right from choosing the food, interacting with waiters, getting instant availabilities, offers and specials, the customer will love your service.

Easy and Cost Effective

Manage all your orders and bills with ease. Huge cost savings in the long run. A system that keeps learning your customers and helps you grow your business with the right data.

Whether you need an effective targeted marketing system, a simple order management, easy menu management or an instant food availability manager, it's all included with the MudPie Console. Best of all, everything is instantly conveyed to your customers with a personal touch.


As Simple as a Pie

Throughout your dine-out journey we keep things simple and enjoyable. Simple is what we are and simpler is what we are evolving to be.

Get Recommendations

Get personalized dish suggestions and offers.

Explore the Menu

It is never more enjoyable. It will be a delight to your eyes.

Decide your Order

Take all the time you need to decide what to eat.

Place Orders to Kitchen

Instant orders whenever you want, directly to the kitchen.

Pay and Share Bills

Sharing was never easier. Pay your bills online.

A Complete Journey

From choosing the dish to paying the bill, it's as simple as a Pie!

  • Everyone is different and we respect that.

    Our Vision is giving each and every person a personalised dine-out experience.

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